Home Remedies for Hemorrhoids

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Hemorrhoids is a recurrent and progressive condition with periods of flare-ups and remission. Once they appear, they never go away. Even if no longer thrombosed or inflamed, piles will never come back to their normal state. It is possible to slow down the progression of the condition and achieve long-term remission only at 1 or 2 stage of hemorrhoids. At 3 and 4 stage surgical treatment is the only option. It is therefore important to ask for medical help as soon as possible.


How to Treat Hemorrhoids at Home

How to Treat Hemorrhoids at Home

Treatment plan for hemorrhoids in remission and exacerbation phases:

  • keep to the diet, have a good night’s sleep, stay active;
  • do physical therapy for hemorrhoids;
  • use home remedies.

Diet for Hemorrhoids Patients

At advanced stages of hemorrhoids all fatty and fried foods should be excluded from the diet as they can cause constipation. Marinated, spiced and salty foods contribute to irritation of the intestinal epithelium and increase inflammation that result into hyperpermeability of the walls of hemorrhoids. When the condition gets better, the mentioned foods should be limited.
You should avoid drinking alcohol as it is usually the main reason of flare-ups. It is also recommended to avoid drinking strong tea and coffee as well.
Daily meals should include:

  • fresh fruit and vegetables rich in vitamins and fiber. In periods of flare-ups, it is better to consume them cooked – boiled, steamed or baked. They contribute to normalization of vermicular movement and absorption of the digestive tract and promote healthy stools.
  • Oat, buckwheat and wheat foods. Semolina is also very healthy.
  • Fresh and dried fruit juice.

Excessive consumption of pasta causes intestinal atony.

Rest and Activity

The very first thing a person who suffers from hemorrhoids should do is to give up smoking. Only then the next steps can have a positive effect. Tobacco smoke contains toxins that have a damaging effect of the walls of veins. Another contributing to pathological process factor is atony which, in its turn, can result in hemorrhoids.
In periods of remission, it is highly important to lead an active lifestyle, but avoid over exertion (lifting weights is particularly harmful for health). This is also crucial for those who lead sedentary life-style.
Use every opportunity you have to be physically active:

  • walk more (i.e. to work or a supermarket);
  • try not to use elevators but climb at least a couple of flights of stairs;
  • get up every hour to do some physical exercises;
  • don’t keep late hours, 10 p.m. is the perfect time to start your night’s rest;
  • get up early and do morning gymnastics or go jogging.

Therapeutic Gymnastics

The physiotherapist can help you master easy yet very effective exercises, that help to:

  • strengthen the pelvic floor and abdominal muscles;
  • relieve blood congestion and lymph nodes in the anal area;
  • improve peristalsis of the intestine;
  • normalize circulation and other blood characteristics.

Such exercises include marching and running in place followed by bends, hip rotations, leg swings.
Therapeutic gymnastics focuses mostly on lying down exercises. The gymnastics usually take about 15-20 min and should be done twice a day. Daily exercises benefit greatly to your health. Although if you’re having flare-ups or bleeding, it’s better to avoid physical activity.

Home Medical Plants and Remedies for Hemorrhoids

Home Medical Plants and Remedies for Hemorrhoids

During its active phase, hemorrhoids are treated with conservative medical therapy determined by the doctor. Physiotherapeutic procedures and homeopathic medicines are indicated in periods of improvement and remission.
Home remedies include:

  • Anti-inflammatory and blood-stopping ointments and suppositories. Painful conditions can be treated with pain relieving components.
  • Topical treatments like cold bath, ice suppositories, hemostatic sponges.
  • For oral administration marigold, St. John’s wort and other herbs are recommended.

If you are undergoing home therapy, you should see your proctologist at least once a year, and twice a year if flare-ups are frequent.
The suggested remedies can provide dramatic relief for most hemorrhoids symptoms.

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