How Long Do Hemorrhoids Last?

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People who suffer from hemorrhoids are naturally wondering how long they can last and if it is possible to get rid of them forever. They should know that hemorrhoids are not a local disease but a systemic one.
Causes of hemorrhoids:

  • genetic predisposition;
  • blood disorders;
  • hypo- or hyperdynamia;
  • pathology of pregnancy.

How Long do Advanced Hemorrhoids Last?

How Long do Advanced Hemorrhoids Last?

The symptoms of advanced hemorrhoids are something that patients concern the most about.
The patient sees a doctor or starts self-treatment if the following symptoms occur:

  • bleeding lumps near anus;
  • lower abdominal and anal pain;
  • prolapsed hemorrhoids.

A well-planned treatment can ease pain and discomfort in a few days: bleeding stops, pains reduce, stools normalize. Advanced hemorrhoids usually take a couple of weeks to heal. But they aren’t gone for good.
Hemorrhoids enter in remission when:

  • inflammation goes away;
  • thrombus masses are dissolved;
  • bleeding stops;
  • pain goes away.

However, hemorrhoids tend to recur. Conservative treatment does not guarantee a full recovery from hemorrhoids.
What you can so to reduce the risk of recurrence:

  • healthy diet;
  • daily regimen;
  • physical therapy;
  • clean your anal area;
  • use topical treatments from time to time;

You will forget about hemorrhoids of 1 or 2 grade for a long time (months or even years) after your therapy is done. However, for 3-4 grade hemorrhoids considerable relief and a full recovery is possible only after surgical treatment – minimally invasive procedures or a surgical excision.

Does Minimally Invasive Treatment Fully Removes Hemorrhoids?

A good method for treating early-stage hemorrhoids is minimally invasive procedures.
They are:

  • ligation of hemorrhoids node with latex rings;
  • sclerotherapy – a solution is injected into a vein, causing it to shrink;
  • cryotherapy – freezing of hemorrhoids using liquid nitrogen;
  • infrared and lazer coagulation reduce the blood flow that the tissue receives;
  • suturing ligation used to cut off the flow of blood.

Minimally invasive procedures are almost painless and patients walk out of our clinic the same day. The healing process takes no longer than 2 weeks. You should keep in mind that ignoring your doctor’s orders can lead to recurrence of hemorrhoids.

Does Surgery Removes Hemorrhoids for Good?

Does Surgery Removes Hemorrhoids for Good?

This type of treatment is effective at advanced stages of hemorrhoids. If you have large protruding hemorrhoids, you may need a few surgeries. The healing process in this case can last for weeks, or even months.
The pain usually goes away from 5 to 7 days after surgery. Full recovery usually takes for up to 2 weeks, or 4 weeks in advanced cases.
However, even after surgical treatment there is a chance of recurrence.
Thus, duration and treatability of hemorrhoids are connected with a lot of factors that are mainly dependent on the patient. The most important thing is to consult the proctologist as soon as you notice any concerning symptoms. Self-treatment can cause complications and do serious harm to your health.

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