Thrombosed Hemorrhoids (Piles) – Causes, Signs and Treatment

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Thrombosed hemorrhoid is defined as hemorrhoid which has ruptured or become necrotic or developed a clot. This condition can exist in either type of hemorrhoid whether internal or external. It is very common condition that occurs in hemorrhoids. This condition can cause more swelling and discoloration to the hemorrhoid.

Thrombosed Hemorrhoids

If thrombosis occurs in external hemorrhoid then it may become more painful. The pain usually goes away in 2-3 days but the swelling caused due to thrombosis may take longer time to disappear. However, fewer complications are involved with thrombosed external haemorrhoid.

If internal hemorrhoids become necrotic or thrombosed, only then they become painful and causes discomfort.

Cause of Thrombosed Hemorrhoids

Though, there is very limited literature to address the cause of thrombosis in hemorrhoid. However researchers believe that when large amount of pressure is applied on the existing hemorrhoids or anal canal due to the various reasons like vaginal foetal delivery or bouts of constipation, then it is more likely to develop this condition. The condition can be very uncomfortable to the patient and also make the patient suffer from more pain.

Treatment of Thrombosed Hemorrhoids

Home remedies for Thrombosed Hemorrhoids

  1. Dietary modification: By simply adding more fibre to your diet and taking large amount of water can help you by acting as stool softening agent. This will help to reduce the strain while passing the stools. This treatment will also reduce the chances of reoccurrence of the hemorrhoids. Besides from these changes, you can also use stool softeners on the recommendation of your physician.
  2. Use of Witch Hazel: This is very commonly used treatment at home. It helps in relieving from pain for temporary period. The ointment mainly shows its action by making the haemorrhoid to shrink.
  3. Take sitz bath: This is also one of the effective home remedy. Besides using witch hazel, you can also help your body to heal by taking sitz bath. This will not only help in reducing the symptoms but also help you in maintaining better hygiene of the affected area. After taking sitz bath, apply ice packs on the affected area in the next pack. This action will help to reduce the circulation of blood to that area thus shrink the haemorrhoid with time.

Surgical and non-surgical treatment for Thrombosed Hemorrhoids

If home remedies won’t work out, then it’s high time to consult with your doctor. The doctor will take your complete medical history and prescribed you the best suited treatment for you. The various options for the treatment of hemorrhoids will be:

  1. Non-surgical treatment

There are three non surgical treatments which are as follows:

  • Banding
  • Sclerotherapy
  • Infrared coagulation
  1. Surgical treatment

There are two surgical treatments which are as follows:

  • Haemorrhoidectomy
  • Stapled hemorrhoidectomy

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