How Our Daily Lifestyle Can Cause Hemorrhoids

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Hemorrhoids may not be fun to discuss about, but the disease is becoming a common part of life. “Hemorrhoids are common features of anatomy”, says Steven Kussin, a gastroenterologist in New York. “We all have them.” It comes into notice only when it becomes itchy or bleed.

Many people suffer from hemorrhoids across the nation. While people are aware of its treatment options, many people do not understand how they are exposing themselves to the causes of hemorrhoids with their day-to-day activities.hemorrhoids-causes

Whether you are looking to avoid hemorrhoids or looking for its treatment options, understanding the everyday reasons is important.

Prolonged sitting and standing

Sitting for extended periods on soft surfaces required by professional drivers or office chair, can produce the pressure similar to when you are straining during passing stools or constipating.

Prolonged sitting pushes veins downward which causes irritation. Simultaneously, standing for long time may have a similar consequence, as gravity also drives the hemorrhoids downward.

Limiting sitting and taking breaks allows hemorrhoids to shrink back to normal quickly limiting the complications.

It is advisable to always sit up and stretch their legs every hour for few minutes. This will stimulate blood flow and reduce the pressure leading to irritation. Don’t just settle for using your lunch break or 15 min breaks as the only opportunities to get up.

During pregnancy

Your body goes through many changes during pregnancy. At times it becomes difficult to differentiate between usual changes and ailments which may need treatment. As the baby grows inside your body, the pressure on your lower abdomen also increases. This pressure causes strain or pressure on the veins which can cause hemorrhoids. Pregnancy hormones can also lead to walls of your veins to relax, letting them to swell more easily.

One can easily avoid hemorrhoids during pregnancy by making simple lifestyle changes that would keep them from getting constipation. Drinking plenty of fluid, exercise regularly, including high fiber foods in your diet, lots of fruits and vegetables and not gaining too much weight can be a good start. Experts suggest going to the bathroom as you feel the urge.

Compromised bowel movements

Regular compromising of bowel movements could eventually cause hardening and drying up of fecal matter in the intestines. The outcome is hurting while passing, thus leading to hemorrhoids. Additionally, the fecal matter increases pressure on the veins in the anal area.

Sitting on the toilet for long time and straining bowel movements can hurt the rectum and colon, causing hemorrhoids. Diarrhea and constipation are the causes of such activities. So take care of these conditions.

A simple method to prevent hemorrhoids is not to ignore mother nature. Obey what your body screams at you else it has its risks.

Manual labor

Sometimes jobs at construction sites and other heavy lifting jobs which need manual labor can cause hemorrhoids. Strenuous sports including riding bicycles, weight lifting, aerobics and other sports can also lead to this disease. One of the reasons these sports activities and jobs are considered to be the component causing hemorrhoids is that they put a great deal of pressure on the veins in the anal area.

When lifting heavy objects, many people have tendency to grasp their breath. Grunting will force the air in your lungs down, which increases the pressure on your veins near rectum, resulting in swelling and thus hemorrhoids.

However, this doesn’t imply that people should not do these jobs or stop exercising, simply avoid regular involvement in such sports and give appropriate time gaps during the sports.


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